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You can relocate and get a dream job in your ideal company. New home, new friends, and a new page of your story! We know how hard it is to change a life, but we did it through sponsorship relocation. The companies make a work visa for us so we’ve relocated in 30 days. It’s our story and we were so happy with this decision. So why did we create Expatie! Now finding work abroad and getting a work visa is much easier with Expetie!

How it works?

How often have you thought it was difficult to move somewhere? How often have you been stopped by the thought that no one is waiting for you in a new country? How many times have you heard stories that if you move, you will start your career over again. This is completely wrong opinion! Trust me, your skills can be appreciated in other countries.

What is needed for this? Check out the list of companies that might sponsor you when you move, sign up for the 50,000+ vacancies list (if any) and dig into this pile of emails? No! Maybe you should find a job site and look for jobs in the selected region?
Yes, but we can't determine which companies can sponsor you, right? We also faced this task when we moved. I am a former director of marketing at an IT company and my boyfriend is a financial controller who worked at pvc. Searching for vacancies among companies that help to open a special visa, which gives a 30% discount on taxes, as well as monitoring vacancies, seemed like sheer chaos and took a lot of manual labor.

So the idea was born to create a website where you can find all the vacancies for the given keywords and know that the company can not only hire you, but also transport you to another country. It's simple now, you just need to select a country and prepare for your interview!
Progress Tracker

Track your progress with our app.

Do you want to find the best work faster? Just continue to apply for the job every day! 

Send your resume to the proposed companies and wait for a response! Don’t panic, you will never miss a great job offer because we will always notify you of open vacancies in your field via email or messenger.

Smart Notification

Can I see the vacancies first before submitting my resume?

We are working on the functionality of our site. We will make an announcement when your personal account appears, where you can see existing vacancies from companies that can sponsor your relocation.

Expatie academy

Never get bored on the way to reach your goal.

If you are not sure about your resume standard or how to answer on a job interview – just take the course. It’s free and you can make the process easy! 

Based on 420 reviews
"I have used Expatie to find a job in France. I have applied for 7 jobs so far and I’ve already been contacted by 6 companies. My company make a sponsorship visa for me."
Emily Watson
"Expatie is a company that helps people to relocate to the UE. It is a job matching service and customers are mainly in the IT, Finance, and Marketing industries."
Tina Oliver
"I was looking for a job and I was not sure which is the best way to start. I did not have any contacts in the field I want to work in. I googled the companies and found Expatie. I applied to a few companies, Igot a new job in 40 days! "
Dan James
"Great service! I got two offers and the company will make a sponsorship visa for me!"
Emma Tan
High School Student