How does it work?

Each country within the EU has different visa regulations. So we contacted more than 2,000 companies who can sponsor work visas for their employees and help them to relocate to Europe. We believe that sharing the best opportunities from your dream destination helps you spend less time looking for a job, and allows you to focus your efforts on preparing for the interview. We use AI technology to only send vacancies relevant to you.

Our Vision

We know how recruiters screen candidates

Finding work abroad with relocation is a big challenge. Candidates spend a lot of time checking visa regulations from different countries, finding companies who can help with relocation, and adapting their resume to the ideal position.  And after all this preparation, they finally apply for the job. What happens next? On the other side, recruiters use AI to sort resumes on the basis of keywords. Why can’t candidates do the same as the recruiters? 

Our Mission

AI will save your time

Time is money. That’s why consulting companies use parsers to find the best candidates using keywords in professional social media or during the checking of the applicants’ resumes.  We want to help highly skilled candidates to find the best vacancy without spending hours searching for and reading job descriptions. The candidates can apply to more job positions using just 20% of the time ( compare with the old school way to find work

People First

A professional community helps you to find your dream job faster! We know how hard to adapt the CV to the European standard and make it more relevant to your ideal job position. Our recruiters know a lot of secrets about how to improve your resume for your relevant position. 

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